How To Add Subtitle to a Movie on MX Player Android

download subtitle on mx player

Learn how to Use Subtitles on MX Player Properly. Learn How to Open & Download Movie Subtitles from Web on MX Player Android.

MX Player is one of the android media player app video player also works on PC & iOS. It Supports various video formats such as .avi, .mp4, .mkv and so on. We earlier discussed How to Add Subtitles in VLC for Android,  today, you will learn How to Download and add subtitles to video on MX Player and watch your movie in your various desired language subtitles. Below are supported mx player subtitle formats:
.srt – SubRip text file
.ssa or .ass – Advanced Substation
.usf – Universal Subtitle Format
.cdg –
.idx – VobSub
.sub – MicroDVD or SubViewer
.aqt – AQTitle
.jss – JacoSub
.psb – PowerDivX
.rt – RealText
.smi – SAMI
.txt – MPEG 4 Timed Text
.stl – Spruce Subtitle Format
.pjs – Phoenix Subtitle
.gsub – Gloss Subtitle

Add Subtitles to MX Player Android

There are two various ways to add subtitles to MX Player Android:

1. Import subtitle to MX Player

2. Download Subtitle using MX Player

Adding Subtitles in Video Using MX Player

If you have the subtitle file for your video on the computer, transfer the file to the phone using a cable so you can play the video with the subtitle. It is recommended renaming the file to the same folder as your video, with the same name as that of the video. For example, if the video name is Justice League.MP4, the subtitle name should be Justice League.SRT

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1. After you start playing the video, click on the three dotted menu and select the Subtitle option.

2. Next, Click on Open

3. Select the SRT file you transferred for the video file. That’s it, enjoy the subtitles while watching movies on MX Player on your Android. 

How to Download Subtitle with MX Player

1.  Launch MX Player with the Video you want to watch and download the subtitle.

2.  Click a three dotted line and Select Subtitle
3. A drop down menu will open, Click on Online Subtitlesmx player subtitle

4. A drop down menu will open, Click on Search
5. A Window Get Subtitles online will, Click on OK to Search immediately or you could check enter the text especially when the video title is not the same with video name and then you enter the video name and touch OK.

download subtitle on mx player
With these two steps explained, you can know how to watch movies with English subtitles using MX Player on Android. Have any questions, feel free to ask using the comment below



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