How To Cancel Data Auto-Renewal On Airtel, MTN, Glo & 9Mobile

Cancel Data Auto-Renewal On Airtel, MTN, Glo & 9Mobile

Wondering How To Deactivate/Opt Out/Cancel/Stop Auto Data Renewal on Nigerian network data operators like MTN, GLO, AIRTEL,9mobile ETISALAT on your smartphone?

How to Stop Automatic Data Renewal on MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile

It can be really annoying when the airtime you intend to use for phone calls is diverted by your telecoms service provider due to the automatic data renewal that has been programmed on your line by default.

Or better still, you may want to upgrade to another data plan but before you could say Jack, the network provider seem to have made their deduction.

Unfortunately, airtime deducted can not be retrieved so you will have to put up with data plan for the next day, month or week.

But there’s a way out of this, if you will keep reading this post.

You will learn how to stop the automatic data renewal which is often preinstalled once you subscribe to any of the data plans by the different network providers.

In this post, we will list the data bundles available to each of these providers and how to Stop MTN, Glo, 9mobile and Airtel Auto Renewal.

How to Stop Automatic Data Renewal on MTN

MTN offers several data plans which include daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly plans.

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These plans are highlighted below:

Daily plans:

50MB for ₦100 (code 104); 150MB for ₦200 (code 113).

Weekly plans:

150MB for ₦300 (code 102); 500MB plus 250mb bonus for night browsing for ₦500 (code 103).

Monthly plans:

1GB (+500 bonus MB) for ₦1000 (code 106); 2,5GB (+1 bonus GB) for ₦2000 (code 110); 5GB for ₦3,500 (code 107); 10GB for ₦5,000 (code 116); 22GB for ₦10,000 (code 117).

60 days plan:

50GB for ₦20,000 (code 118).

Quarterly plan (90 days):

85GB for ₦50,000 (code 133).

If you want to stop automiatic data renewal with any of these options, you will need to use the code that is linked to any of these bundles.

Once, you’ve done that, text NOcode to 131. For instance if you’re stopping the 50GB for 60 days plan, text NO118 to 131 and your automatic data renewal will be stopped.

However, there’s another method to stop automatic data renewal on your MTN line. You can dial *123*5*1#. You will see a list of options. You should reply with 2 to view your active subscription. The reply again with the serial number of the active subscription, then follow the instructions to stop the auto-renewal.

How to Stop Automatic Data Renewal on Airtel

The process of stopping the automatic data renewal with your airtel data plan is much simple.

All you need to do is text Stop to 140. You can also text STOPAUTORENEW to 440. You can also text DEACTIVATE to 440 if you use a blackberry phone

How to Stop Automatic Data Renewal on 9Mobile

With 9Mobile, you just need to dial *229*0#. Another method with 9Mobile is to text STOP to 229

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How to Stop Automatic Data Renewal on Glo

With your Glo data bundle, you can stop the automatic data renewal using this method. Simply text Cancel to 127

Although Glo Data Renewal is of great benefits because it gives us more bonus data plan in Glo data plan.  For example if you auto renew Glo 1.6GB for #1000,  you will be given 4GB instead of 1.6GB.

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You can enjoy your airtime and use it for intended purpose because you have successfully opt out from unnecessary MTN, GLO, 9MOBILE and AIRTEL data auto renewal.


  1. everyone should try to know this and in case your your data is auto renewed you can easily call the customer care agent ,they will return your airtime but you must use out of the data.

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