Galaxy S9+ Leaked Price Cost: Expected to be cheaper than iPhone X

The Samsung Galaxy S9+Price, just a few Euros under 1,000 according to noted leaker Evan Blass.

Samsung is planning to charge 997 Euros for the larger of the two, Blass said in a tweet from his @evleaks account, while the standard Galaxy S9 will be 847 Euros,

With a direct currency conversion, that works out to £880/$1229 for the S9+ and £743/$1,036 for the S9, although each region will almost certainly have its own pricing.

It’s also not clear whether these prices represent the base storage models. This could very well be the starting point for both handsets, with more capacious storage costing more.

As it stands the Galaxy S9+ will still be cheaper than the iPhone X, which starts at £999 in the United Kingdom.

However, last year’s Galaxy S8+ cost £779, while the SIM-free S8 started at £689. If these prices are accurate, Brits may be facing a pretty significant hike.

US buyers will likely be significantly paying more for an S9+ than they would for the homegrown iPhone X ($999), unless Samsung prices the phone more aggressively across the Atlantic.

The pricing leak comes just three days before the handset is unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, during the firm’s Unpacked event.

We’re expecting a modest update in terms of design, but plenty of significant upgrades in terms of the camera. For starters, the S9+ is almost certain to become the first handset in the range to pack a dual camera.

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