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Glo Increases Monthly Data Plans 2018

Globacom, one of the largest telecommunications network in Nigeria who has been the Largest data network in Nigeria has suddenly slashed the all their packages into half.
This means you get half of whatever you used to get for whatever package you have been using. Glo, Grandmaster of data now levelled down to the children of data. LOL . They seem to be having some financial issues of recent no wonder their operating licence in Benin republic was revoked.

Glo New Monthly Data Plans 2018

The company confirmed this in a tweet with one of its customer some hour ago:

Below is their new Glo data plam and subscription price:glo data plans

1. ₦1000=2GB for 30 days
2. ₦2000=4.5GB for 30 days
3.₦2500=7.2GB for 30 days
4. ₦3000=8.7GB for 30 days
5. ₦4000=12.5GB for 30 days
6. ₦5000=15.6GB for 30 days
7. ₦8000=25GB for 30 days
8. ₦10000=32.5GB for 30 days and so on

What’s your view about Glo increase in data plans 2018. Would love ti hear from you via the comment below

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