Glo New Unlimited Free Browsing Tweak With Http Injector Ehi

glo free browsing http injector

Glo free browsing has been blazing with stark vpn and now is finally working on HTTP Injector. HTTP Injector is a professional tool with SSH tunneling support & proxy server using build-in Android VPN. 

You can now enjoy free browsing tweaks with HTTP injector with New ehi files tweaked for free browsing tweaks with the latest glo blazing host. 


  • Your Glo sim
  • Download my GloBypass ehi file from link below 

Settings for Glo Browsing With HTTP Injector 

1. Go to your phone apn and set it as 

2. Next, install the HTTP injector earlier downloaded from the link above and install it. 

3. Download globypass.ehi file for HTTP injector below 

4. Launch your HTTP injector and click on the file icon >> Import

to import the globypass.ehi settings earlier downloaded.  

glo free browsing http injector

5. Turn on your Mobile Data and Click start to start enjoying the unlimited free browsing cheat on your glo sim.

glo cheat HTTP injector

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Ensure you have a little subscription to any glo data plan or even provided you’ve little mb on your glo sim to solve problem of glo network not coming up or not showing.  The ehi file imported to the HTTP injector is blazing unlimited for glo without your mb being deducted

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Download Link 

Link 1 =Download 1-Globypass-Jams-LTC.ehi

link 2=Download 2-Globypass-Jams-LTC.ehi

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