How do I block access to Adult sites from my Android, iPhone & PC

This is the guide to know how to block inappropriate websites (how to block adults websites on android, iOs, PC) on google chrome, Uc web, Operamini and other web browsers on Google search.

Most times, parents or guidances how to block words on google searches relating to adult content. Did you know you can  can filter explicit search results on Google, like p*rnography.

How to Block Adult Sites from Google Search

Below are steps to filter adult sites on google search without affecting your web searches

1. Launch your browser either PC,  Android, iPhone and visit

2. Search for anything for example “”

3. Scroll down at the bottom of the search and click “Settings” as shown below

block adult content on google searches

4. Under Search Settings >> Search History >> SafeSearch Filters, Click Filter explicit results 

block adult sites on google

5. Scroll down and tap the save button.

This will block all pornographic contents from appearing in your Google search results.

6. Go back to and try searching for any adult content website.

This is the beat guide to block adult content and inappropriate sites from Google Search without using applications or softwares.

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