Jumia Black Friday 2017 (Phone Prices and Specs) Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana

The Jumia Black Friday deals are quite enormous, it is a period that offers are sold at a discount price rate. In order words, you get to purchase your favourite products, which ranges from home appliances, clothes to your cherished smartphones, all at a price below normal.


If you reside in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya and you are planning to buy a new phone as the next Jumia Black Friday, then you are lucky to come acrosss this post because I will be revealing the Jumia Black Friday Phone Prices and specs, so that you can easily make your preferred choice with no stress.

Jumia Black Friday 2017

Different categories of goods would be sold, they include but not limited to;

✓ Phones, Tablets, and Laptops
✓ Home and Office Appliances
✓ Male and Female Clothing
✓ Electronics, and lots more!

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When is jumia black friday 2017!

Get ready, from November 13th to December 13th, it will rain deals, discounts, lots of giveaways! The first of its kind.
So start saving so you won’t be left out.


Keep following us, more tips are to come. Hey, it is Black Friday and what happens on Black Friday is something that just cannot stay on Black Friday. Share the word! Winter is coming! Black Friday is here! Visit https://www.jumia.com.ng/black-friday to get Started. Visit our Jumia Black Friday Page Here to stay updated

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