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Jumia Global | Jumia Global Nigeria | Jumia global Kenya |Jumia global Egypt is an expansion of the Jumia online shopping mall which allows shop for products/goods overseas. Although the program has been in place for a while, but recently (this 2017), Jumia started adding the Shipped from Overseas and Jumia Global badge on products offered by merchants not located in Nigeria to help consumers better identify such products.

jumia globalThis allows online foreign merchants offers their products on Jumia Global. Interested buyers can surf their jumia global online store and pay in their local currencies, not having to worry about foreign exchange rates or custom duty, just order, pay with your card, and the item will be delivered to you.

Why Ship from Overseas

There are some brands of phones and electronics that are not available in Nigeria even though there specification will work in the country. In addition, sometimes it takes forever for certain premium products to launch in Nigeria.

For example, if you need a new Xiaomi phone now like One Plus, Xoami are not available.

What you need to know about Jumia Global

  1. Products are Shipped from overseas
  2. Shipped from overseas takes 10 – 20 business days delivery
  3. Free 7-day return if eligible due to damage not from the buyer.
  4. Warranty might not be available for some products

Jumia Global Nigeria Awoof

Jumia global nigeria

Jumia Global Nigeria is slashing prices of over 500,000 products this October so you enjoy more products at cheaper rates.  Starting from 16th October – 22nd October 2017, you can now get up-to 50% off products you shop on Jumia global and also don’t worry at currency exchange because you pay In Naira.

This is the first of a kind from Jumia where you buy internationally in Naira.

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Starting shopping on Jumia Global Nigeria @https://www.jumia.com.ng/jumia-global

Jumia Global Egypt @https://www.jumia.com.eg/jumia-global

Jumia Global Kenya@https://www.jumia.co.ke/jumia-global

Starting shopping now…..

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