New AnonyTun Settings For Glo Free Browsing November/December 2017

Glo free browsing cheat was recently blocked this left most users without cheat and able to come online in our Whatsapp group. Glo free browsing cheat is back and better with new host with Anonytun VPN. AnonyTun VPN  has proven to be the best VPN to use for the Glo free browsing cheat 2017, with AnonyTun VPN of course the speed is faster, less/no disconnects, connects in a jiffy and minimal battery consumption.

AnonyTun Settings For Glo Free Browsing August 2017

For those asking, what if my Glo SIM is new or old, what if my Glo SIM is a 4G LTE enabled SIM, that can the Glo cheat work for it. Some even asking that do i need to send the PAYU text message. Having even heard many saying too that, well this Glo cheat is not just working for me oooo, some hint that mine keeps disconnecting.

This Glo settings for AnonyTun VPN i will be dropping below is gonna solve all those issues, so expect with this new Glo free browsing cheat settings we have modified, faster connection, more downloads and uploading time, and enjoy streaming YouTube more.

The settings is below, but before that i want to let you know that its important you have a strong Glo network where you are, and that this new settings isn’t determined by whatever type of Glo SIM you use, but works for all including 4G LTE enabled Glo SIMs.

AnonyTun Free Browsing Cheat For Glo 2017


  1. Download Anonytun VPN or Anonytun Beta VPN HERE
  2. Glo Sim with no credit and data bundle
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APN Settings:

  • APN: gloflat
  • APN Type: Tick default/Supl
  • Proxy: Blank
  • Port: Blank
  • Username: flat
  • Password: flat

Configure AnonyTun as shown below

Download Anonytun Beta VPN from the link above and install it

Launch Anonytun app and configure it as shown below

Click on  Stealth Settings

Now put the following:
  •       Connection Protocol: HTTP
  •       Connection Port: 8081 or 80


Put the following there…

  •      URL/HOST:
  •      INJECTION METHOD: Normal

Now tap on GENERATE
Click on Save
The AnonyTun VPN should now connect.

That’s all.

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