Facebook Messenger users can now send/receive money through PayPal

PayPal has announced that they’ve expanded their collaboration with Facebook by adding their service for P2P payments in the social networking giant’s Messenger application.

facebook messenger paypal

Although the feature is currently only rolling out in the US and limited to iOS, with Android support coming soon.

How do I send Money to PayPal with Facebook messenger 

  • To access the feature – in both one-on-one chats and group chats 
  • Tap on the blue plus icon Then select the green colored Payments button.Now select PayPal, in other to send funds.

In Addition, A Report also informed us that PayPal also Announces a customer service bot for Messenger, allowing you to seamlessly receive payment and account support directly in the messaging app.

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Now to Also Access the Feature, you have to search for PayPal in the search field and type a message and the bot will assist you with your request. 

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