How to use X-Pen Top Features On The Infinix Note 4 Pro

Infinix Note 4 Pro X-Pen comes with great features which work hand in hand for safekeeping and charging of the Infinix Note 4 Pro. The Infinix Note 4 Pro cost $12 or #4500. This post is handy for those who are new to use of X-Pen on Infinix or perhaps you are planning on getting the Infinix Note 4 pro. Here is a simple tutorial on how to use the X-pen effectively and judiciously.

1. Charge
Open the smartphone Note 4 Pro and insert the XPen into the holster. The XPen will be full of electricity in 17 seconds and last 30 minutes.

2. Popup the XPen
Memo will be called out if the phone locked   Air command will be called out if the phone unlocked
Air command includes Note, Smart select, Memo, Screen write and Add shortcuts
Note: Give you real experience and amazing effect to drawing and writing
Smart select: Take screenshot as your preference
Memo: Write down your ideas anytime and anywhere
Screen write: Personalize your screenshot
Add shortcuts: Add more features into air command
3. Shortcuts
Unlock the phone, get close to the screen.   Press the button once to quickly call out the air command   Press the button twice to quickly call out Memo
 4. X-Note Photo Editor

Another feature and probably the most defining one would be the X-NOTE. If you’re good with a real pen or brush for Note sketching, painting a portrait  or designing a blueprint, the X-Note would be your most valuable feature of the bunch. You double tap the icons below to toggle between different brushes, density settings, eraser settings and a really wide selection in the color palette.
5. Smart Select

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Infinix Note 4 Pro X-Pen feature comes withsmart select which simply selects part of the image on your screen and allows you edit. The first 3 options above are useful for sharing images from websites and apps to colleagues or friends without sharing the entire screenshot.

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