Xclusivetek Free Monthly Airtime Giveaways: November Winners Announced, Claim your Airtime Now

xclusivetek free airtime contest

Xclusivetek free airtime contest this month of November 2017

Due to some attack from hackers,  we moves from xclusivetek.com to xclusivetek.com.ng but good new, Xclusivetek is back and better to bring you latest Gadgets specifications, free browsing tweaks and latest updates revolving around Technology world. We decided to award our viewers/readers. Our rewards will go to the first three(3) Top commentators of every month which also have some guidelines that will enable you to participate on this contest.


xclusivetek free airtime contest


  1. You are required to use the same name and email when commenting
  2. Read the post before commenting and comment based on the post topic
  3. Follow Xclusivetek either by Liking our Facebook page @Xclusivetek or Follow us on Twitter@ifeskilz_
  4. Your comment must not be spammy and not writtten to offend other users on Xclusivetek


▶️We will post out the top three(3) commentators in this blog
▶️Result will be published 3 days before month ends i.e 27th of November 2017

▶️Our rewards will be Airtime airtime
▶️Best of all (1st) Receives double of what others get

It’s an open contest so start now to make the 1st and grab double Airtime, exclusively on Xclusivetek.com.ng

Don’t forget to tick Notify me of follow-up comments by email and Notify me of new posts by email when posting comments 

Feel free to ask question If confused

November Winners of Xclusivetek Airtime Contest

  1. Hussaini rated first (unverified
  2. Rocket rated second (Verified
  3. Hassan rated third (unverified

To validate your earnings,  the winners should drop your fbk or Twitter name to verify you are following us on fbk or Twitter and also their phone number indicating the networkOnce verified,  it will be notified in  the post and you will drop your phone number. Failure to do so disqualifies you.  Xclusivetek cares.

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  1. My facebook name is hassan aliyu and facebook number is 09092904432 but I would like you to send the airtime to my airtel number 08122497495

    • From the contest, there are three winners, Hussain, you and Hassan but if you don’t follow us on fbk or Twitter, you will be disqualified. If you follow us on fbk or Twitter, drop your fbk or Twitter name, your phone number and your network

  2. Now I understand..
    Have follow Xclusivetek on facebook..
    [*]My Username On Facebook: [b]Rockett Amoo Bolaji[/b]
    [*]Phone Number: [b]08129553450[/b]
    [*]Network: [b]Airtel[/b]
    Thanks A Lot

  3. FaceBook name : hussaini aliyu, number : number 07083616072 Airtel, here is the number i used in registering my Facebook 08132294783, for proper investigation

  4. Wow….This is unbelievable.
    Have just receive my own reward from the Admin. Guess what! The airtime sent to me is…. #1000creditSincerely Xclusivetek is really a great platform, and it is a nice place where everybody should be, to get updated about the recent tech.
    I really love here and at the same time happy to be here…
    Thanks Alot.

  5. admin I do follow you on facebook oo.ok pls do check my facebook status and the phone number(09092904432) there to clearly know if it is me

    • you didn’t follow rule 2, you are meant to follow us on fbk or twitter before starting the contest. More giveaways coming soon on Xclusvetek, Thanks

    • seems you both just followed us on facebook and have been disqualified for not following d rule 2, you will have o wait for December airtime giveaways

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